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Choosing the right conservatory blinds can transform your conservatory from being used seasonally, to it being an inviting additional room that can be used all year round. There are a vast range conservatory blind types, fabrics and colours available for the roof and sides of your conservatory.
Conservatory blinds can have a very beneficial impact on temperature control both in the summer and winter months. Light reflective or solar reflective fabrics are the most effective at controlling temperature as they have a foil backing which reflects sunlight and heat. SPC or Light Reflective fabrics are available in roller, pleated, vertical and remote control roller blinds.
Honeycomb pleated blinds are the also effective at retaining heat during the winter months; the honeycomb shape provides an extra layer of insulation.
To further increase the energy savings, perfect fit blinds which snap fit to UPVC window frames provide extra insulation because they don't let any air in or out of the sides. Pleated, Honeycomb and roller blinds are available as Perfect Fit blinds.